Many students can't take advantage of job training programs because they never got effective literacy instruction.
It's a worthy goal, but evidence indicates it's neither necessary nor sufficient to boost outcomes for the most vulnerable students.
It would help if teacher-training programs disseminated accurate information.
We can make college admissions fairer, but it will take a lot more than eliminating tests.
Readers seemed most interested in Lucy Calkins, African American English, and ... Lucy Calkins.
Tying evaluations to growth in reading test scores can be counter-productive and unfair.
Telling kids the way they speak is "wrong" can have unintended negative consequences.
Turning on closed captions and using smartphones to read aloud can boost vocabulary and reading fluency.
Her influential approach vastly underestimates how difficult writing is for most students.
She's popularized an approach to reading comprehension that prevents many kids from succeeding at upper grade levels
Whatever you want to call it, there are documented instances of overreach in the name of social justice.
Test-based rating systems have already distorted curriculum and instruction.