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So pumped for this!

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I look forward to your podcast, Natalie! Brava!

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Hi Natalie -

I discovered you work today when I came across your 2018 article on "Why Johnny Can't Read" and realized we are very much on the same page.

I have spent the last 15 years on this issue of English reading and pronunciation from the perspective of Thai people as I live in Thailand, and spent many years laboring over my first book, written in the Thai language, to help Thai people learn to read and pronounce English words correctly, which is a major challenge for them.

While I was doing this I developed what I consider to be a revolution in teaching English reading and pronunciation, which I named PIPPASS™ - using a simple, easy and effective phonetic alphabet, which you could think of as phonics written down.

My book in Thai covered the subject of English pronunciation by using this methodology, which is a concept I actually borrowed from studying Thai, and applied it to English. I'll leave you a link below to a Kickstarter crowdfunding project we did at the end of 2018 to help launch the book. If you're interested scroll down the page until you find "More about PIPPASS™".

Even though I developed the method with the Thais in mind, it is actually a universal method that can be used to help native speaking children, or illiterate adults, as well as non-native speaking English students to learn to read and pronounce English words correctly, and to learn the rules, patterns, and exceptions in spelling and pronunciation, all of which helps develop English fluency. I have had amazing results with students here using this method.

Before the Covid-19 lockdowns and endless disruptions wiped out everything I had been working on for years, I was focused on promoting my first book, doing corporate and group training, and seminars using PIPPASS™. And I had started taking my work written in Thai, rewriting it in English to create an international version for the worldwide markets.

I have only just recently come back to focusing on this. And it was while I was doing some research on the history of phonics vs. Whole of Language that I came across your articles, and your passion for this subject of English literacy.

Since a French mathematician invented it phonics has been around for hundreds of years and had endless research on it to prove it is both effective and efficient, not to mention hundreds of years of literate citizens, a billion or two, who are the living proof.

But despite this the progressives, who I personally believe are the closet Marxists, keep ignoring that research and rejecting phonics, or claiming there is not enough evidence, which is baloney as you know. One of the goals of the Communist Manifesto was to seize control of education and dumb down the masses. Which under the Rockefeller funded General Education Board they've done very successfully. One of their advisors is reported to have said early in the 20th century "What we need is workers. We need workers in the factories, we need sheep.”

I believe the attack on phonics, which is really an attack on literacy, it is simply the globalists at work, dumbing down our children because their families and their global alliance's families children fill up the elite schools and the elite universities so they have no need for meritocracy to bring new cream to the surface. They want citizen-slaves for global monopoly capitalism (a term I borrow from Carroll Quigley's excellent book Tragedy & Hope). David Rockefeller boasted in his memoirs that he was part of a "secret global cabal" intent on building a 'one world' political system, aka 'world government' or 'world communism' -and Rockefeller said he was 'proud of it.'

I went off on a tangent there - to get back to the main issue.

I am working my completing my first international version on PIPPASS™ in English, which will be aimed at teachers, and am hoping to have it ready by the end of the year.

And I would certainly be interested in sharing that with someone like yourself who has a passion for this subject. If you're interested in this let me know.

best regards

Ivan. M. Paton


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I'm very glad you found the support to make this happen.


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Just shared this with many educator colleagues. Looking forward to this.

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